Child Health in the 21st Century Road Map

Welcome to the Child Health in the 21st Century Website.  This site is currently for the use of the Child Health in the 21st Century working group, to document progress on the four goals that were identified in the November 17 - 18, 2006, workshop proceedings.

This site identifies the four goals and 19 objectives from the proceedings and provides the working group with an opportunity to identify work that has been completed or is in progress, that contributes to these goals.  Projects and other work identified here does not necessarily indicate work done by this committee.  The work identified here reflects any work, projects, or other resources that would be seen as useful to, or relevant to, individuals who may read the Child Health in the 21st Century proceedings and are interested in how this work ties in with other activities in the child and youth health sector.

The authors have attempted to assure the information contained in these pages is accurate however we cannot be sure that we might have included something that is not correct . The information contained in these webpages may have some inaccuracies or be out of date. We would greatly appreciate receiving any comments, updates, information on other relevant activities  or  corrections you might have.

Goal 1:  Promoting the Best Healthcare

Goal 1:To promote the best healthcare services for all infants, children and youth in Canada.

Goal 2:  Improve the Health of Vulnerable Populations 

Goal 2:To promote the improved health and healthcare of vulnerable infants, children and youth including, but not limited to, those of aboriginal descent, new immigrants, those living in poverty, those who are maltreated, and those living with chronic illnesses or disabilities.

Goal 3:  Improve Access to Mental Healthcare

Goal 3:To improve access to mental healthcare services for infants, children and youth.

Goal 4:  Improve Interdisciplinary Cooperation and Collaboration

Goal 4: To improve healthcare that is provided to infants, children and youth through interdisciplinary cooperation and collaboration.